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Single Review // Selena Gomez + Kygo

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“It ain’t me” (Interscope Records)

Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, more commonly known as Kygo, is a Norwegian DJ, producer, and songwriter who is dominating the electronica-pop music world through remixes and collabs. With the recent stylings of pop-interest Selena Gomez, Kygo has released a certified chart-topper with the single “It Ain’t Me,” released on Feb. 15. 

The song begins with simple guitar picking and strumming, which is quickly joined by Gomez’s rich voice, transitioning into layered vocals that transcends the song into an anthem. Kygo’s influence on the production gives it a decidedly Euro-techno-pop feeling. Gomez’s voice, along with the progression of the melody and the intensifying beat, makes listeners feel a sort of high.

“It Ain’t Me” isn’t the typical Millennial pop hit, with oh-woah-oh’s and the like. It definitely feels like a bittersweet Spring Break anthem—sure to be entwined in the memories of every Spring Break beach tripper by the end of April.

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