CD Review // Chloe Tang

Photo courtesy of FB

Photo courtesy of FB

Passion//Aggression (Self-Release)

In a time period where artists continuously recycle pop-centered and rhythmic hooks, CU Denver’s own Chloe Tang unleashes her edge in her latest EP, Passion//Aggression.

Just because it’s pop-centric doesn’t mean it lacks value as a respectable song. In her lead single, “Forgive You Again,” Tang shares relentless optimism and something cheery. Listeners become enthralled by the heavy strums of a guitar in a loose-yet-composed rhythmic structure. The seemingly radio-ready song displays what it means to be youthful and sparky.

Listeners suffering from shoddy midday slumps will celebrate with the EP’s standout, “Tell Me I’m Wrong.” Sweet melodies carefully dance along the compelling lyricism brought to the table by Tang herself. This track reminds the listener to reflect on past experiences and move past them to achieve a greater personal satisfaction. Tang hums, “Everybody has their mistakes,” which is true for many: staying at life’s dead-ends isn’t enough. Learning to grow and inspire oneself is vital.

Overall, Tang flirts between finding a sweet, caressing performance and sinking into some up-tempo heavy tenor. Passion//Aggression certainly doesn’t play it safe. It shows that she’s capable of being a badass, while also sharing a sense of innocence. Tang, through her music, lets listeners know that she’s not one to be trifled with.

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