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The feelings that surface when spearheading a project are often waffle-y.

Not waffled like the breakfast delicacy, but like tracking your own emotions. They can change day-to-day, and sometimes second to second. It can be as minute as deciding either to cry before Adele’s “Someone Like You” or afterwards. Or as drastic as sweet sanctity of relief after a group of mental-firefighters put out a burning dumpster fire—a favorite phrase here at the Sentry—that’s been ravaging your mind for days. While it’s a given that we’ll cry to Adele, often the ability calm ourselves in the face of anxiety is a much more ambiguous task.

I’ve called this spring semester “the semester of projects.” Ranging from large-scale, long-term, to brief, elfin commitments, I feel like my life is chopped up chef salad. Picking at one crouton, or hard-boiled egg at a time, I’ll nibble, leave pieces of the salad spread around, and ultimately, unfinished.

My future life projects will likely feel the same. As for now: I want to feature more local music—yes, this is a shameless plug to have y’all local bands to send me your press releases—and interview the masterminds behind Denver’s music scene. While switching projects can feel like changing channel—little commitment, and purely based on entertainment value—the somatic sensations that some projects give us may signal the ones that’re worth it.

Also on my mind is a team I’m a part of with other CU Denver students. We’re hosting a conference for 100+ high school students around topics of sexual health and identity. Today, I visited the seniors of Manual High School to hype the conference. They understand the disparity of sexual health education at their school, and feel activated to the opportunity to better themselves and their community.

This project takes flight March 10 on the Auraria Campus. Follow us @SHISiscool on FB and join us on this journey of waffle-y and staggering emotions.


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