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In a few short weeks, I will be traveling to London for Spring Break.

Last year I impulsively decided to book a trip to this historic city because I had an influx of post-break-up madness. A good friend of mine was in a similar situation and we decided to go together. I felt that being halfway around the world would be the only thing that could possibly make me feel better. At the time I booked my flight, I also may have been watching too many made-for-TV-movies where the lead actress makes a decision to travel then she ultimately finds herself (and love) once she was able to let go of her past. Sign me up.

Now that my trip is approaching and I have healed my broken heart, I am still happy that I have this trip to look forward to. The only other time I have been out of the country was my freshman year when I went on an Alternative Break to Guatemala.

My family, for various reasons, was not able to do a lot of traveling growing up. The only time I left Colorado was for my church’s annual summer mission trip. Those mission trips gave me the travel bug and since then, I have created a long list of places I want to go. London has always been high on that list.

We leave just before Spring Break starts, and we are taking a red eye flight to London. We land in the morning and from there we have no set plans. We have places we want to see, but the rest of the trip is up for us to decide. While traveling with an agenda has its perks, so does traveling without one. Since most of my travels have been pre-planned, I am looking forward to being able to take our time figuring out the city without any pressing agendas.

The only thing that I am worried about, which is a constant point of anxiety in my life, is my lack of a sense of direction. I don’t have the natural ability to navigate myself through a city, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Getting lost is half the fun of traveling, and I’ll be wondering through my dream-turned-reality—too enamored to ask for directions.

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