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CD Review // Future


Freebandz/Epic Records

Under the alluding poetic pseudonym Future, Nayvadius Cash has dropped his full-length, self-titled LP Future on Feb. 17.

On Future, Cash meticulously rolls his tracks into a ganja package that plays just as smooth as it smolders.

The 17-track record is chock-full of the loosened up, zone-out tracks that make his sound equally engaging and yielding. The Guardian headline review calls Future “too much filler, not enough thriller.” The dismissive claim misses the mark of what Future can accomplish.

The opening track “Rent Money” has angelic gospel-chorus samples pulsing against the clicking hi-hats and caroming bass. Fans familiar with Cash’s strained, smoked, and guttery flow will be greeted with chants of denial.

The record moves from angry rants to reminiscent flows. On tracks like “When I Was Broke,” crushing pianos and saw-tooth basses drag the listener into overwhelming empathetic tears that bring to light rap’s raw and raggedy homegrown roots.

Sonically, Cash’s production on Future pulls the listener into a slosh of the booming kick drum mixing into his voice, but that mess is where many find themselves at home, somewhere between a total mess and a smooth high.

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