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CD Review // Andrew McMahon

Zombies on Broadway

Vanguard Records

With Denver temperatures reaching beyond 60 degrees recently, it’s  easy to start thinking about summer. Every person needs the perfect soundtrack to complement their warm weather adventures. This unseasonable-summer soundtrack can be found in Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness’ latest album, Zombies on Broadway.

Diagnosed with Leukemia in 2005, McMahon is no stranger to taking risks and living life to its fullest—something that is heavily reflected in his latest album. With a nostalgic vibe, the singer and songwriter and overall Renaissance man created another superb album filled with upbeat, reminiscent, and enjoyable tunes.

In his song “Fire Escape,” McMahon proclaims an ode to the carefree New York City lifestyle and it’s sleepless nature and sings, “You’re my number one, you’re the reason I’m still up at dawn.”

Unsurprisingly, this is a recurring theme throughout the entire album. He goes into other tracks like “Dead Man’s Dollar,” singing, “Don’t wait until the morning. Don’t wait until the light hits the cracks in the floor.” He later croons, “I wanna make a life for you.”

Zombies on Broadway boasts all the makings of any mood-boosting and summer-soaked album and further proves that McMahon is a man of many talents. Nothing can hold him back from making music, and being good at it, too.


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