Author at the Alamo: Isaac Marion visits Denver

Photo: Ashley Bauler

Photo: Ashley Bauler


The Alamo Drafthouse, located in Littleton hosts several different cinematic events throughout the calendar year.

From showings of cult classics to theme night, there are a plethora of events to attend on Friday nights. On Friday, Feb. 10, the theater hosted author Isaac Marion for a Q&A and signing and surrounding the novel-turned-film Warm Bodies. The house was full and hearts were touched by the storyline in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, making it a memorable and lighthearted night for all.

Warm Bodies, starring Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, and Dave Franco, was released in 2013. The story follows a zombie (Hoult) who is infectious but still retains human traits of kindness and love. He eventually falls in love with a human (Palmer) and the two embark on a journey to fight the zombie disease growing in their community.

As Alamo guests took their seats, the house lights dimmed, and servers provided each person with water and gave menus which included soul food favorites that go hand in hand with film, like pizza and beer. Marion took the stage to provide a brief introduction to the film, shedding light on his experience with mental health issues which he overcame with his continuation in literature.  The movie then played in its entirety, with laughs ensuing. The film soundtrack’s quality is only comparable in sheer greatness to Guardians of the Galaxy and Almost Famous.

Olivia Lopez, a die hard Marion fan, enjoyed the evening showing and insight that Marion was able to provide. “I personally found it incredibly fascinating and insightful into one of my favorite literary worlds,” Lopez said. “Despite the shy crowd, he gave a lot of insight into what inspired the story. His own personal darkness into light of going into a multi year depression and Warm Bodies bringing him out of it.”

Lopez was also able to interact with Marion during the Q&A, about the story setting taking place in a city alongside ruinous areas. “I asked him during the Q&A why he chose the main setting of the story to be in the airport,” Lopez said. “His answer was it was a massive focal hub of humanity and cultures as well as being a complete 180 from the former bustling building to a slow moving zombie ruin.”

The admission price included a copy of Marion’s book Warm Bodies, and attendees were able to have their copies of the book signed by Marion after the commencement of the questions portion. People shared stories that sparked dialogues between fans and the author, and the Alamo would do well to continue hosting these intimate community events.

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