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I Decided // GOOD Music

Big Sean released his fourth album, I Decided., on Feb 3. His first concept album has helped him gain a bigger fan base and more credit as an artist.

I Decided. is about a man who’s reborn and lives his life from a different perspective. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Big Sean explained how important this album was to release.

“[The title] means so many things. I feel like life is all about the decisions you make,” Big Sean said. “That’s why I put a period on the end of it—because this is definitive.”

After three “meh” albums, Big Sean tries to shake things up by featuring Eminem, The Dream, and other acclaimed artists he collaborated with for this album. He’s notably pushing his boundaries by singing with respectable rappers and through his vulnerable lyrics.

“Bounce Back” is the best track off the album. The relatable, upbeat, head-bobbing track is about hitting rock bottom sometimes, but being able to bounce back towards redemption. “I been broke as hell, cashed a check and bounced back.”

Big Sean is purposefully placing himself with the elites, hoping to blend in and prove he’s just as good as the artists who have been in the business for years. I Decided. is his ticket there.

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