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alex dezen II // Poor Man Records

Alex Dezen II, by Alex Dezen was released on Feb. 3, and is a funkadelic electro-album that strikes the heart of the listener like a lightning bolt. The album is filled to the brim with beats fit for a 1970s new-age millennium house party. It is chic, modern, and vocally pleasing to the listener.

Dezen has been a songwriter for many years. In efforts to bring personal songwriting projects to another level, he attended and participated in many writing camps and graduate-level writing courses to further articulate his feelings and experiences into song.

The first track on the album, titled “When You Give Up” is an otherworldly mix between Alex Dezen’s woodsy, outdoorsy voice and Carlos Santana-inspired guitar licks. The song provides the listener with a self-reflective, thought-provoking experience based around lyrics that ask “what are you going to be when you give up?” The listener is carried into a promising headspace for following dreams and achieving stardom. 

Other songs on Alex Dezen II are a little softer on the mind and provide a soulful, acoustic song that ends the album. “God bless the boys of bummer with nothing much to offer except for another sad sad song,” Dezen sings. This album speaks passionately to Dezen’s life experiences, which ultimately leaves the listener homesick, nostalgic, and nothing short of truly beautiful.

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