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Daily Archives: February 15, 2017

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Single Review // Zayn + Taylor Swift

Don’t Want to Live Forever //  Universal Music ZAYN, formerly of One Direction, releases another single with the help of Taylor Swift as they search for sexiness in solitude. The track narrates a separated couple waxing sultry about their lost love. “I’ve been looking sad

CU Denver a cappella in spotlight

LARK FINDS SUCCESS AT EVERY TURN CU Denver is no stranger to locally known talent. Yet, with groups like Lark, they bring the university into the national spotlight. The nine-member, all female-identifying a cappella group at CU Denver has been together and rocking it for

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William Control, Palaye Royale at Marquis

NO BDSM HERE? William Control is the side project of William Frances, the frontman of the perhaps fondly remembered 2000s emo band Aiden. The all-American four piece are an electro-rock band, appropriating 80s synth pop with a dark and considerably “goth-ier” undertone. The group describes

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CD Review // Alex Dezen

alex dezen II // Poor Man Records Alex Dezen II, by Alex Dezen was released on Feb. 3, and is a funkadelic electro-album that strikes the heart of the listener like a lightning bolt. The album is filled to the brim with beats fit for a

CD Review // Big Sean

I Decided // GOOD Music Big Sean released his fourth album, I Decided., on Feb 3. His first concept album has helped him gain a bigger fan base and more credit as an artist. I Decided. is about a man who’s reborn and lives his life

CD Review // Syd

Fin // Columbia Records Syd’s solo album Fin, which dropped on Feb. 3, is the stunning debut from the 24-year old producer, DJ, and singer. Syd is the third musical project from OFWGKTA’s original beat producer Sydney Bennet. Fin creates something of its own mystical universe,

Noise FM // William Card

I gotta say, working in the press has given me a different interpretation of this annual music spectacle. To me, the Grammys used to be an exhilarating evening of watching many of my favorite artists perform high-caliber and over-the-top televised renditions of their latest hits. Which,

Award Nominees // Arrival

It’s not often that sci-fi films are taken seriously by the Academy, but Arrival’s placement among 2017’s Best Picture nominees is as well deserved as it was unexpected. When a fleet of spacecraft install themselves across a dozen countries around the globe, elite linguist Louise

Award Nominees // Hidden Figures

One person can make all the difference. In the film Hidden Figures, that theme  of genuine inspiration shows how that difference can be as big as making it into space alive or not. Hidden Figures celebrates some of the people who made it possible for