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The administration with the least qualified people continues its streak with confirming Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

To refresh memories, this is a woman who has never attended a public school, had to take out or pay back a student loan, and has never held a job as a teacher or administrator. What DeVos and her family have done is donate large sums of money to the Republican Party.   So naturally she is qualified for this prestigious position.

Her confirmation hearings were comedy gold—except this isn’t a Netflix original show where an unqualified character with little experience can be rewarded with influential jobs despite not knowing a thing about education, while audiences fell in love with her as she figured things out. She didn’t know the answer to the most basic questions with regards to education. Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Tim Kaine grilled her while she fake smiled and rambled.

Some of the memorable moments included her justification of teachers carrying guns in school because of bear problems in Wyoming. Other moments included her not knowing the difference between growth and proficiency as a means of measuring student knowledge.   

Despite her atrocious confirmation hearings, Republicans voted for her because she is, well, a Republican. At what point, does party loyalty go too far? The dyed in the wool Republican is walking a fine line of staying true to their beliefs, and blindly following.

The biggest challenge facing Republicans is the idea of staying true to your party even though it could hinder the well-being of most Americans or challenge party ideology to support American well-being: Republicans are going with the former.

Even Colorado’s own Republican Senator Cory Gardner voted to appoint her because he felt she was a “strong choice” in a statement he posted to his website. Sen. Gardner, despite a clogged voicemail with messages from concerned Coloradans about his stance on confirming DeVos, voted to confirm her anyway and claimed that those calls came from paid protestors.

We are at week three in the Trump Administration and now public schooling is going by the wayside. What’s next? Actually, don’t answer that question. We don’t need to give the president any ideas.

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