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Near to the Wild Heart of Life // Japandroids Recordings Inc.

Japandroids, an alternative group fit for the golden age of emotional rock, released their fourth album, Near to the Wild Heart of Life, on Feb. 3. The album falls somewhat dull on the listeners ears as every song sounds alike and the style of music is past its prime.

The duo of Japandroids sounds similar to the likes of Simple Plan, or off kilter, skaed Angels and Airwaves. The album, as a whole, reflects circa 2005 alt-rock, feeling mediocre and dislodged in the world of alternative music in 2017.

The single from the album, “Near to the Wild Heart of Life,” didn’t seem to be the album’s best choice for the lead track. The songs intention is to ardor the listener with the lyrics “and it got me all fired up to go far away.” However, the song doesn’t change in intensity or introduce genre-bending solos. This makes it sound the same through its entirety which evokes a stark sense of boredom with listeners. 

If reliving the golden age of alternative music in the mid 2000s is the music the listener yearns for, then this album is for them; but otherwise Near to the Wild Heart of Life sounds repetitive with the crisp, and unexcepted exception of the song “Arc of Bar” which fuels an electronic vibe which will stand out to the listener and diehard fans of the 2000s alt rock movement.

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