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Charlie Cunningham’s debut LP entitled Lines showcases not only the British singer’s contemperary instrumental virtuoscity, but his talent in songwriting as well.

The album begins with “An Opening,” an apt title for a first track. The track is very telling of what the rest of the album is like—brash, emotional, and unwaivering spells—this song stands firmly as an overture to the record.

Lines is rich with lush soundscapes and ethereal tonal textures that invites the listener into his world. The semi-virtuosic nylon string guitar playing is complemented by soft keyboard pads creating the soothing environment that the songs live within.

“Lights Off” is the strongest song on Lines as it’s the track that listeners will most likely get stuck in their head.

Cunnigham’s style is a little Bon Iver, and faint bit James Blake in the sense that he is a spacey singer-songwriter who is not afraid to incorperate electronic elements into his soundscape.

Lines stands as a strong debut from an up-and-coming British singer-songwriter. Cunningham may not have created something that will put him in the category of legends, but he certainly has proven himself as a songwriter and artist to watch.

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