Chaos and Cream rolls out Thailand treats

Photo courtesy of Ashley Bauler

Photo courtesy of Ashley Bauler


Some say that baseball is America’s favorite past time, but the consumption of creamy, frozen delights is more universal—eating ice cream is a traditional activity no lactose-loving American can dislike.

Ice  cream connoisseurs’ appreciation for up-and-coming or secret shops around town must inevitably lead them to Chaos and Cream, a new take on ice cream consumption. The innovative new shop conducts its business in an exclusive manner, making it a coveted brand for the ice cream lovers of Denver.

The Source, located on 35th and Brighton Boulevard, is a hipster haven in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood. It’s an old warehouse transformed into a local business co-op for the masses. On every Wednesday from 5 to 9 p.m., Source-goers are in for a treat as soon as they enter the front doors. Chaos and Cream is a brand new ice cream pop-up store serving up the tastes of Thailand, and is located at an ice cream cart just 50 feet away from the front door.

After choosing from one of six available flavors, customers watch as the Chaos team pours, rolls out, and creates their ice cream on the spot. The rollers pour the ice cream mix onto an icy cold metal slab and mix in the ingredients of the chosen flavor. Next, they use utensils that resemble putty knives to chop and attack the ice cream—hence the chaos. The ice cream mix starts to thicken and come together as it’s beaten repeatedly. After three minutes of chaos, the ice cream is ready to be peeled off of the slab. The roller uses the putty knife like utensil to scrape the ice cream off, creating little rolls of ice cream. The roller then places about four rolls of ice cream into the cup, and voila—the ice cream is ready to be devoured.

Once the ice cream is in the cup, it almost looks too immaculate to consume. Its delicate shavings are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and many customers pull out their phones to snap a picture of the beautifully crafted ice cream before tagging it #foodporn. As soon as it hits the tongue, the ice cream lover internally exclaims, “I’m officially addicted to Chaos and Cream.” Luckily for one’s health, Chaos and Cream is only available on Wednesday nights.

The new business is an expert in rolling out Thai-style ice cream to the Denver community. There are several different unique flavors that Chaos and Cream has perfected. Its most noteworthy offerings include Cookie Jar ($6) and Strawberry Avalanche ($6). Cookie Jar is a chocolate-based creamy concoction with ground up pieces of different cookies like Oreos, chocolate chip, and sugar cookie.

Strawberry Avalanche consists of fresh strawberries and basil, making it a truly bittersweet dessert. The company is very sensitive to allergies and food restrictions, and they offer several gluten free and nut free options as well as coconut and almond milk cream bases.

Chaos and Cream has earned the title in Denver’s heart as the “most eye pleasing and delicious” ice cream in the city. Places like Sweet Cow, Little Man, and Sweet Action will remain near and dear to Denverites’ hearts, but Chaos and Cream is a force to be reckoned with. It is sleek, modern, and creamier than butter, making it a must visit for anyone in the Denver metro area.

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