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Daily Archives: February 8, 2017

Peer pressure and college students

IT’S OKAY TO SHOW YOUR NERDY SIDE Popular culture’s tendency to make the nerd the butt of jokes has developed a marketable and in-vogue appeal. From Family Matters’ Urkel, to iCarly’s Freddie Benson, and 30 Rocks’ Liz Lemon, nerds have rarely  been exempt from ridiculous

Letter to the Editor // The People vs. Donald Trump

CU DENVER STUDENT FIGHTS THE MUSLIM BAN President Donald Trump’s extraordinary attack on US District Judge James Robart as a “so-called judge” because he temporarily rendered Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban unenforceable nationwide is an affront to the judiciary and dangerous to democracy. The US Constitution

The Patriots make Super Bowl history

AN UNFORESEEN COMEBACK AND FIFTH TITLE WIN Super Bowl LI took place on Sunday, Feb. 5 as the Atlanta Falcons took on the New England Patriots in Houston, Texas. Audience members enjoyed a pre-game performance of “America the Beautiful,” where Hamilton cast mates Rene Elise

Bay Area swag breaks at Cervante’s

UNDERGROUND AND LOCAL ACTS SHINE Denver’s rap underground came together on a sleet-ridden Feb.1 to highlight up-and-coming talent. While the roads froze over outside, true Sage the Gemini fans couldn’t be dissuaded from showing up to throw down at  Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom. The opening acts

Spotify tows split and battered industry

STREAMING PAVES WAY FOR MONITIZATION Streaming music is the newest and most popular outlet for listening to music, creating issues for record companies and artists who distribute on CDs. However, streaming sites have also made it easier for artists to deliver music to their audience

Single Review // Urban Cone

Urban Cone, a product of Sweden’s consistent-hook-swindlers, released their latest single, “Old School” on Jan. 27. The song begins with a breathy vox, humming the ingress of a shimmering pad that introduces a rollercoaster sythnizer, and the rolling lead vocals of Emil Gustafsson. “Or we

CD Review // TRAIN

a girl a bottle a boat (Columbia Records) Train’s eighth studio album, a girl a bottle a boat, released Jan. 27, shifted the originally roots rock band all the way into current pop stylings. The album has a fun pop sound but lacks depth and

CD Review // Charlie Cunningham

Line // Dumont Dumont Charlie Cunningham’s debut LP entitled Lines showcases not only the British singer’s contemperary instrumental virtuoscity, but his talent in songwriting as well. The album begins with “An Opening,” an apt title for a first track. The track is very telling of what

CD Review // Japandroids

Near to the Wild Heart of Life // Japandroids Recordings Inc. Japandroids, an alternative group fit for the golden age of emotional rock, released their fourth album, Near to the Wild Heart of Life, on Feb. 3. The album falls somewhat dull on the listeners ears

Noise FM // William Card

Anniversaries happen yearly. It’s kinda in the word, right? Your birthday. Your wedding. Your ex’s birthday. Your ex’s mothers birthday—he list goes on. During production for this issue, I celebrate the anniversary of stepping foot on this campus. Yeah, to be 100 percent correct, I