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What you can get out of life is up to perspective.

Think of it the way I think of filet mignon: it can either be unreservedly disgusting or a delicacy. I’ve never liked beef, but jeez; once I tried to trick my date that I was bougie. I ordered and tried to go as “H.A.M.” as one could go on a steak. While it was clear to her that I hated my meal and tried to lie about it, I learned what the hell a psoas major (fancy-AF name for filet mignon) tasted like. Despite the distaste, there was a small victory that night. And no, it wasn’t a second date.

Reframing life’s poppiest moments is an invaluable and ever-developing skill. Just like my failed date, I was left with a crappy situation that I had to justify. I could have easily written myself off as a dweeb. While that may not be entirely false—don’t lie on a date, seriously—I felt like I got to learn something new about myself and the world around me by taking that risk. No, I don’t like beef, but know I’m slightly more cultured about beef (to be 100 percent transparent, before writing this column, I thought filet mignon was a type fish/beef combo).

On a more serious note, I recently experienced another reminder about perspective. Over the weekend, our world was shook by President Trump’s executive order on immigration. Some of his most recent actions dismally send pangs of pain straight to my heart. Seeing my Muslim friends feel personally persecuted as well as witnessing hundreds of people trapped in airports around the world for very inherent parts of their being and struck me as discordant. As easy as it can be to prescribe to ignorance being bliss, I think we become better humans by listening and making an effort to get more perspective.

So today, try something to gain a new perspective. Order an extra large latte instead of a small, or spend an extra second reading an article a friend shared on Facebook. It takes time to get perspective, but I can tell you I’m a better person because I ordered a filet mignon.

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