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CD Review // Cloud Nothings

Life Without Sound (Carpark Records)

Cloud Nothings’ most recent album Life Without Sound, released Jan. 27, holds true to their indie rock image. The Ohio band, signed to Carpark Records, had fans itching for new material as their last album was released in 2014.

While the new tracks flow very nicely together, they also feel like listening to the same song over and over. Though two tracks did stand out on the album. With a heightened sense of rhythm and motion, the songs drove their way to be the most recognizable on the album.

“Sight Unseen” begins with very hyped up guitar fragments, but when lead singer and songwriter Dylan Baldi’s voice enters, all the instrumentals take a back seat. Towards the end Baldi sings, “Finally gone but I’ll remember all that I have seen.” The song seems to flow with the lyrics as it gets quieter and fades out.

The last song on the album “Realize My Fate” transitions the band’s formula. A heavy metal essence is laced throughout the song and is reminiscent of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” It starts out slow, almost dream like, then dives in with drums and heavier guitar as it progresses into a much darker feeling for listeners.

Life Without Sound is undoubtedly good, and while the first half of the album sounds just like any other indie rock album, the last half redeems it and gives fans a newer side of Cloud Nothings.

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