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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Award Nominees // Silence & Hell or High Water

SILENCE  Jun Lee Silence is an incredible work of art: in addition to its gorgeous cinematography and excellent acting, it’s the type of sensory experience that stays with an audience long after it’s over by presenting philosophical questions and ideas for the moviegoers to piece

Election Marks New Era of American art

MAKING ART POLITICAL AGAIN From telling bros to back off vaginas to the first pro-Trump exhibit, the 2016 political election didn’t cease to inspire artists. This election spurred several controversies throughout the nation as divided beliefs were exhibited through artistic expression. We saw conceptual artist


I have a strange (re: stupid) relationship with music. This isn’t news to me, but it became more obvious in the days leading up to the Women’s March on Denver, Saturday’s inaugural protest. As I was putting together a Songs of the Revolution playlist, a

CU Personality // Zack Strober

On either a crisp early-May morning with the dripping dew slowly evaporating into the sunrise on the Tivoli Quad, or a mid-December afternoon at the bustling Colorado Convention Center, you’ll see a myriad of people sprinting around to put the finishing touches on the biannual

Women’s March Protest Takes Over Denver

WORLDWIDE RALLIES AGAINST TRUMP RESIDENCY  The feminist community of Denver organized to march on Jan. 21 from Denver’s Civic Center Park to protest the election of President Donald Trump as a part of the global Women’s March movement. With an estimated attendance of over 200,000

CU Boulder Given $839K Grant for Dabbing

RESEARCHERS TO STUDY EFFECTS OF CONCENTRATES Researchers at CU Boulder were recently awarded a grant by the State of Colorado to fund a study on the effects of cannabis, which is a Schedule I drug per federal law. The investigation will aim to evaluate the public health


The Women’s March on Denver was one of the single most empowering movements I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. Standing in the middle of a crowd of 200,000 people who I knew were like me and wanted to protect people

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Buying Textbooks // Yes or No?

IT ENHANCES LEARNING Textbooks have been accompanying students since their original establishment in the 18th century. Their value has stood the test of time: they make a difference.   Textbooks, like Webster’s Grammatical Institute of the English Language, were then meant to guide people into

Yoga Can’t And Won’t Cure Diabetes

The CHRONICALLY ILL CAN’T JUST CURE THEMSELVES When people complain, they rarely wish for advice in return. Complaining is cathartic; it’s not always a cry for help. So when people who have disabilities complain about their pain or limitations, they aren’t searching for solutions—especially the completely ineffective ones

CITY SCAPES // Morgan Mackey

On Saturday, I was one of 200,000 marchers in Denver and one of millions of women marchers for the Multinational Women’s March. This historic event was a cathartic experience for all women and men who were devastated over the results of the election, but it