SINGLE Review // Wildermiss

Keep It Simple


Denver-based indie-rock group Wildermiss, released the single “Keep it Simple” at the beginning of January. The track is an interesting mix of several tempos and melodies, but lacks anything to make it memorable.

The song opens to the repeated lyrics, “running uphill/walking down it” and continues in the background throughout the track. While the song has a light-hearted feel and ranks among the sonic sounds of  BROODS, it parallels the popular mainstream bands, making it feel slightly unoriginal.

The song’s repetitive nature seems to lack real substance with the words seeming to be on a never-ending loop in the background repeating into obscurity.

“Keep It Simple,” however, does not reflect the band’s  potential. Songs like “Carry Your Heart” are dynamically constructed and show off a folksy flavor and down home feel. While “Keep it Simple” doesn’t stand out, the band still shows strong potential for future releases.

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