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NOISE F.M. // William

Thanks!,” “Holy cow, thank you! Couldn’t of done it without you,” or at least a “Dude. Nice.” are among the things I wish I heard at my first job. But considering it was dog-sitting an overnight for my neighbor, I shouldn’t have of gotten my hopes up.

Gratitude comes in all shapes, sizes, and sounds. It comes early, and it comes late. And unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t come at all. It stings to deserve gratitude and to not get it, and equally to lose someone special because you didn’t deliver.

Our society skews gratitude with overt humbleness. Screw the “expect nothing in return” bullshit. Enough science and personal experience exists to show that positive reinforcement can be a primary driver for workplace happiness and productivity. I believe that the person who coined that quote obviously hadn’t ever pulled an all-nighter to salvage a horribly mismanaged group project. Those people deserve more than gratitude. They’re the real MVPs.

On Sunday, I was having some car troubles when I encountered my latest MVP. Calling AAA from the Sheridan King Soopers, I waited in my car. The respondent, a fellow South Dakota boy, arrived to my car with an upbeat and fresh attitude. In what felt like a blazingly fast 22 minutes, I was ready to drive away with a brand-new battery. As he was swiping my credit card, I was sweating bullets over whether to tip his extraordinary service. But my hesitation of the customary practice to tip AAA drivers kept that bill in my wallet.

Last week a fellow co-worker and I were packing-peanuts-deep in conversation about gratitude. We both know the music industry customarily doesn’t spread praise. We live in an industry that thrives under thick skin. “We’re all in this together,” my co-worker said. “There are unawarded MVPs everywhere, grinding everyday.”

Take a moment and type “Thx” or give them a hearty knux. Award that person an MVP and repeat.

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