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Students can earn black belt by graduation

black belt in Taekwondo can be a reality for prospective and freshman students with no experience in martial arts at CU Denver.

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that dates back to the 1940s, which incorporates various types, but primarily indigenous Korean martial arts traditions.

The university’s club Taekwondo team, founded in 2014 by CU Denver alum Jenny Kim, welcomes all skill levels. Students that join the team as a freshman can receive a black belt by the time they graduate.

The team is currently coached by Mitchell Wisner and captained by junior biology major and three-year veteran of the team Danae Mitchell, and junior recording arts major and two-year participant, Ian Fledderman.

No students have graduated from the program with a black belt yet. However, students can quickly advance with the team, and have specific goals of growth to work towards.

“We generally hold belt testing once a semester, or more if there’s a need,” Mitchell said. “In order to test for your next belt there is a list of requirements that you need to know such as kicks, forms, etc. For example, I, as a high blue belt testing for my red belt, need to know seven different forms. Someone testing for their yellow belt doesn’t have to know all of that; they only have to know one form.”

Students who are interested in advancing quickly should attend practices as consistently as possible.

“We currently have practices two days a week and some people are only able to attend those two days and they can advance in belt rank at a decent time frame,” Mitchell said. “However, the more time you commit, the faster you’ll advance.”

The team showcases their skills and developed talents by competing at local tournaments. Each member competes individually against others with the same belt rank. Competitors are judged on form and sparring.

While Taekwondo can be a very serious sport, it’s goal is to  push people to strive for success. “We are supporting and encouraging of each other, and we let that drive us to accomplish our goals,” Mitchell said.

The team currently has 10 members, and students are always welcome to attend Wednesday and Thursday night practices with the team if they are interested in joining.

Students interested in joining CU Denver Taekwondo can contact the coach or the captains.

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