CD Review // The xx

I See You

Young Turk Records

Resolute personal struggle has finally lead The xx to resurrect themselves from within the shadows, releasing their much anticipated album, I See You released Jan. 13. 

For their lo-fi listener-base who loved The xx’s previous two albums, I See You actively pushes their own fans outside of their comfort zone.

I See You opens up with their loud and proud anthem, “Dangerous.” The group sets the tone of an upbeat youthful rebellion by incorporating a strong rhythmic bass and, most notably, an irresistible horn.

The xx blended their more eclectic beats, while still maintaining a hint of their lo-fi romantic origins with their song “Performance.” “If I dance like I’m on a stage,” lead vocalist Romy Madley Craft sings. “Will you see I seem out of place?” They hold being both outgoing artisitic individuals, and encountering similar unseen anxieties. Listeners are reminded that musicians are people too.

This album isn’t filled with the same monotonous sounds from before; the band is challenging themselves to explore their own artistry and sound. I See You wasn’t made for the masses. Made to represent a symbol of unforgiving growth. This is The xx.

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