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The Blood Album

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While it is quite common to see many bands  over the course of their lifetime to maintain a steady fan base, it is more uncommon for the band to maintain a tolerable sound. AFI released their 10th studio album on Jan. 20, titled The Blood Album.

The album harbors an endearing sense of nostalgia for those who listened to the group in the early 2000s. The track “White Offerings” channels their roots in punk and goth music, with heavy instrumentals and shrill guitars and bass, reverberating among lead singer Davey Havok’s husky, commanding voice.

The album is certainly a maturation from their “Miss Murder” days; no longer dawning long bangs and eyeliner, the group’s “White Offerings” video they wear stylishly cropped haircuts and all white suits, taking a very minimal look.

The melodies are composed and clean, using very few distortions and relying simply on clear instruments and vocals.

The Blood Album is not a disappointing album, but it almost feels tiresome at points. Nonetheless, it is hard to listen to the album without remembering that time in the band’s career and the listeners lives.

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