Colorado Gets Served A Glass of Whole Milk

Photo: Ashley Bauler

Alternative rock music currently dominates the Denver music scene, with sold out concerts at alternative venues like the Ogden and Gothic. 2017 starts a turn of the year, but with it also brings a breath of fresh air in Denver. Local band, Whole Milk, is bringing the landlocked state of CO the fluctuating and pulsating sound of the coastline.

Whole Milk, the trio, originated out of the same appreciation for surf garage music, as well as the artistic haven that surrounds the genre. “We all have known each other for about six to seven years now, and we all used to play to School of Rock together,” lead singer, Alec Fleischer, said. “I came home from school in Los Angeles last year, and really wanted to get a band together with guys who have similar visions in music.”

Photo: Ashley Bauler

The band embodies an authentic West Coast aesthetic that is unmatched by the rest of the Denver music community. The band gives off both warm and kind vibes through their music and stage presence but also dark and emotionally mysterious. The band recently traveled to Los Angeles to show off their musical exquisite playing house shows.

“It was pretty rad, it was us and a whole bunch of other bands playing house parties/shows,” Fleischer said.  “There were so many people, and it was a really fun atmosphere.”

While Whole Milk seems to be on the brink of the release, the band is still waiting for everything to fall into place.“We have a little bit of tightening and things to go over again before we release the EP,” Fleischer said. “We want to make sure it’s absolutely perfect before releasing, just to really be able to have our music reflect the effort and artistry we put into it.”

In addition to the band’s musical ventures, they also support several different socially beneficial organizations. One specifically is Love. Hope. Strength. Organization, a non-profit that collects bone marrow donations for patients in need.

“I have worked for the Love. Hope. Strength. Organization for years, and we fully support that vision as a band,” Fleischer said. “We also support equality for all and spreading positivity amongst other things.” 

Whole Milk, is a notable addition to the Denver music scene on and off the stage. Their ability to play transformative music and maintain a humble attitude while offering several snarky one liners, makes the band likeable and respectable. “The last time Denver had a surf band was in the 1960s called The Astronauts,” Whole Milk jokingly recalled. “They went to the moon, but we’re going to Mars.”

The kinetic and symbiotic energy exhibited by the three members of Whole Milk ripples through the room. The listener will be left awestruck with the band’s effortless rendering  of Beach-Goth’s melodic sound. Making this group a must see in the coming year.

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