NOISE F.M: William Card

_DSC4383In one time or another in our life, we’ve all felt like something went wrong. Whether it was taking a swig of orange juice primed from a sultry session of brushing my teeth, or watching the presidential elections unfold before my eyes last Tuesday evening, how we handle ourselves in the moments of udder shock lays the fertile ground work for how we take our next triumphant step forward.

I once took a class called early bird lifetime fitness. Designed in two parts, the class encompassed the act of creating a routine for exercise (lifetime fitness) and it being one of the most painfully earliest classes available (early bird). It was in those mornings that I clawed the sleep from my eyes and tossed myself into sub-zero temperatures so I could learn to make a routine. As I would step in my car, a burning sensation would creep behind my eyes. At least at that point, I thought it was ice forming under my eye lids.

Logically, it’s clear why Trump won the election. Prevailing flawed polling practice, comprised of the routamentary statistical error, small sample size and a socially biased question lead pollsters to call the race in the wrong direction in the days leading up to Nov 8th. Media value-ladened pictures scared the public into sharing its opinion truthfully. 

As social media echo chamber also punished voters into creating a utopia of likeminded opinions, views, and conjectures, effectively isolating mounds of voter empathy and tolerance. Thus, as the sad, disturbing, and frustrating results came in, floods of emotions washed over the country. I didn’t think it could happen—and the burning sensation behind my eyes signaled that something felt very wrong.

I could kick and scream until something else would happen. I could scribe, write, draw aimless desultroous circles  on my notes during Intro to Digital Design or share more  meaningless think pieces about the election. Hell, I think for today, I might even share some more young Joe Biden memes. At least for tomorrow, I’m going to step into my next reality. As Obama said in a speech the morning after the election, “the sun will rise.”

For me I’m not going to wait for it to rise. I’m going to run into it despite any burning sensations that try to hold me back.

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