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Feminist Agenda: Taylor Kirby

n the weeks leading up to Fall Break, many people asked me how I would spend my free time. My response was consistently, “Sleeping.” They laughed as if I were joking.

On the first day I had completely off from both classes and work, I slept for 13 hours, woke up to eat some tater tots, and immediately took a nap. I was not joking.

For myself (and probably for many of you) Fall Break has become my annual attempt to literally hibernate. This is a symptom of our week off coming way too late in the semester—Spring Break arrives at a nice halfway point that actually serves to reinvigorate us, but Fall Break is an exercise in self-necromancy. By the time my last class was over, I was mentally primed to be an extra on The Walking Dead, and I needed full days of recovery.

My sleep binges were vain attempts to buy back the dozens of hours of sleep I’ve been missing since August and build some energy reserves for the upcoming weeks. There were also times when I woke up to white people performing the Nazi salute en masse, and I luxuriated in my ability to temporarily “nope” myself right out that waking nightmare and return to bed.

I eventually felt capable of reentering the world to celebrate various Friendsgivings, participate in the beginning of the winter movie season (Fantastic Beasts, Moana, and The Edge of Seventeen are all well worth your time), and generally be a real person again. I’m less prepared to return to campus and complete the last few weeks of the semester—but I know I’m not alone in that. Here’s to stumbling through the final stretch and returning to the naps from once we reluctantly abandoned.

Taylor Kirby
Taylor Kirby

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