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C.D. REVIEW: Two Door Cinema Club

Gameshow (Parlophone Records)

After a three-year musical hiatus, Irish indie-rock band Two Door Cinema Club is back with its third album Gameshow.

Though the band had hinted at Gameshow being released back in 2015, the album dropped on Oct. 14 of this year. Gameshow’s vibe is more downbeat than TDCC’s previous album Beacon. The style is more closely aligned to indie-pop than the band’s usual sound, but they worked the divergent musical branding to their advantage.

As opposed to the heavy presence of electric guitar found in Beacon and their first album Tourist History, Gameshow features more synthetic sounds. The band’s frontrunner Alex Trimble stated in an interview with New Musical Express—a British music journal—that the album was inspired by Prince and David Bowie, both of whom passed away in early 2016. The stylistic influence is audible especially in “Je Viens De La” and “Bad Decisions,” where the sound of large drums and towering synths are reminiscent of 80s pop music.

The new song debuted on BBC1 in July were wonderful teasers for the overall composition of the album, and the album single “Bad Decisions,” was officially released soon after, staving off fans until the official album release.

TDCC hasn’t strayed far enough from their regular sound to come off as a different band altogether, but Gameshow sounds like a revamped version of their old selves. After they nearly broke up during their hiatus, it’s a relief to fans to see TDCC pushing creative boundaries in an album as fantastic as Gameshow.

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