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C.D. REVIEW: Taylor Bennett

Broad Shoulders (Upnorth Music)

Taylor Bennett wants to make one thing clear: he is more than Chance the Rapper’s brother. The 20-year-old rapper currently stands unheard of compared to the success of his older brother Chancellor. But Taylor Bennett is slowly and surely on the rise to a success that mimics or exceeds that of his big brother’s.

In his debut album Broad Shoulders, Bennett amplifies his creative abilities and highlights other talented artists such as King Louie and Donnie Trumpet in song features that complement his own talent.

Despite the overall relaxed vibes of his album, displayed in songs like “Wasting Time,” “Dancing in the Rain”, and “H.Y.B.L. (How You Been Lately),” Bennett shows a more playful side in songs like “Happy Place,” “Favorite Drink,” and “You” with fast tempos and catchy lyrics.

Although the distinction between the Bennett brothers may be difficult to decipher, their difference in style and vocal ability is lucid in Bennett’s song featuring his older brother and the album’s namesake, “Broad Shoulders.”

The Bennett brothers discuss their dreams, the responsibilities of growing older, and learning from other’s mistakes in the song. “Reach for your goals, hear what you’re told,” Bennett advises, while Chance says, “we only know what we know until someone knows better.”

Bennett’s album echoes jazzy vibes and highlights his quick wit and unique talents. Broad Shoulders is a refreshing and relaxing take on hip hop and is just a stepping stone for the incredible career in the music industry that lies ahead for Bennett. He is creating a career in music for himself that is individual and unique to that of his brother’s.

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