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C.D. REVIEW: Saint Motel

saintmotelevision (Electra Records)

It’s been three years since Saint Motel released a full-length album. Although they’re actively touring and released an EP just last year, fans can look forward to their trademark explosive energy on their sophomore album saintmotelevision. 

From hyper tracks like “Move” to acoustic and more mellowtones, like “Happy Accidents,” the sophomore album has a variety of tracks that could cater to a variety of tastes. The album nonetheless lacks creative risks. Containing entertaining moments, the band seems glued in the same expressive state as previous albums.

the band combines pop and gospel music in “Born Again.” It starts off with lead singer A/J Jackson cooing “I cleaned up and found Jesus/And he’s waiting at the door.” Toward the chorus, the tempo of the track changes and turns gospel-like, with Jackson and others singing “Get born, get born again,” where we can imagine their hands sliding back and forth up in the air.

Some other memorable tracks include “For Elise,” with the lyrics mentioning several women’s impacts in the music industry, like  Norma Jean, Pattie Boyd and Carole King. In a heavily male-dominated industry, St. Motel’s shout-out speaks volumes to the unrecognized impact of female musicians. “They all lit a spark  and you know that they got it going/Shout out to the girl, over there, in my chair.”

Saint Motel  gave their fans an album with sensational return.  With that said, saintmotelevision isn’t extraordinary. The energy runs high, but misses the mark with striking songwriting that would’ve pushed the band’s career forward. Saint Motel are more enthusiastic and emotional on this album, but nothing more.

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