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C.D. REVIEW: Meek Mill

DC4 (Down Boys)

Meek Mill’s newest album DC4 was released on Oct. 28. The album boasts notable rap-centic artists like Young Thug, 21 Savage, and French Montana, among others.

Much like in Mill’s previous work, Dreams Worth More Than Money, the album employs classical instruments like piano and violin, giving the compositions a dark churning intensity, but, DC4 seems to take archetypal approach to rap in 2016. Mill’s newest album is far more gritty, caustic street rap.

In DC4, Mill retains tracks that contain the moody atmosphere that made his past albums so appealing: he seems to have already said everything he wanted to in his past albums. Given Mill’s commercial success DC4 seems like a pretty basic rap album. His lyrics cover the usual topics: born poor and dying rich, drinking, smoking weed, having sex, almost going to jail, talking trash about exes, and the list goes on.

All of Mill’s albums have had an impressively curated selection of beats and samples, which certainly featured on his newest album. On the eighth track “Blue Notes”, the song begins with a soft organ and an unexpected sample from Snowy White’s blues-fueled guitar, hence the title. This track is probably one of the more intriguing tracks, the contrast between traditional blues guitar and Mill’s aggressive voice is enticing.

It is a perplexing position for rappers who have built their career off of their struggle to break from a street-style persona. DC4 is a solid album, but it doesn’t break the barrier of Meek’s past nor does it seem to show any sort of evolution for him or his music.

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