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C.D. REVIEW: Empire of the Sun

Two Vines (Astralwerks)

After an excruciating three years, fans finally can stop relistening to Walking on a Dream and Ice on the Dune and fawn over Empire of The Sun’s third album, Two Vines, released on Oct. 28. Days before Halloween, they gave their fans a treat.

The Australian duo Nick Littlemore and Luke Steele, referred to by some as the Australian Daft Punk, give a greater pop to their sound than the French producers. With a keen intuition for modern synth pop—electric pianos and vibraphones are a staple—they’ve created their own sound, but for this album their flavor of innovation fell short.

This album, unfavorably, isn’t the duo’s greatest. From the initial harking to the opening track “Before” and the title track “Two Vines,” it  sounds like the duo didn’t try hard enough to create astounding music. Instead, they produced a departure from hyped and popularized sound in exchange with softer, mellow music. This came as a surprise to fans because that’s not the style they are so known for.

“ZZZ” and “High and Low” are the only two tracks where fans can bop their heads to, but not enough to listen to the tracks on repeat.

Two Vines didn’t live up to the high expectations the duo set themselves up for in the first place. Not one track stood out as the star. At some point, all 11 tracks blend together, with nothing to enjoy, savor or look forward to—except the end. Fans were left disappointed and back to listening to the band’s older albums, trying to remember why they fell in love in the first place.

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