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From the Editor: Savannah Nelson


Perhaps more than ever before, adulthood is bringing forth a critical right of passage: sometimes what a person wants to do is the farthest thing from what they must. Sometimes it’s a frivolous inconvenience. Other times, it can be the difference between freedom and corruption.

I want nothing more than to dedicate this column to my partner. On Nov. 4 we are celebrating our five year anniversary. I want to take up 300 words, and fill the newspaper inches with hints at memories with loving language and romantic expressions. I want to be personal. However, the shadow of Nov. 8 is looming over my personal life and demanding an official response._DSC4380

When an election like this comes up, I have to sacrifice my editorial desires to serve a much greater purpose—it’s what I must do.

Over the past several months I have tried to avoid writing about politics in the Sentry—it felt like a welcomed break to the sensationalist exposure we’ve gotten since Donald Trump decided to run for president. I’ve swallowed my opinions for the sake of sanity. I can’t see another #Killary post; I can’t read another Drumph satire. But I can vote, and I can urge all readers to do the same.

Journalists have played an alarming role in this year’s election. People all over the nation with press passes have pumped out sensationalist news over events that did not deserve coverage. Donald Trump—though he likes to claim that the media is rigged against him—is a product of media coverage. No one would have taken him seriously if journalists didn’t give him the time of day in newspaper articles and television and headline posts on social media. It’s not my job to tell American citizens how to do their civic duty and whose name to fill in at the polls. But I wouldn’t be doing my job as a public servant if I didn’t disavow one very, very dangerous man, who happens to be running as the leader of the free world.

A few years ago I watched the television series Breaking Bad, and a character dynamic began to emerge. Walter White began as a sensible main character, but as the show progressed, his decisions showed him delving deeper and deeper into darkness. There’s a different point for all fans when they go from rooting for Walter to seeing him as the antagonist. For some, it’s when he watches a woman choke on her vomit, letting her die. For others, it’s when he poisons a young child. Donald Trump echos this ugly metamorphosis.

He began as a regular man throwing his hat into the presidential ring. I gave him normal consideration, though it didn’t take long before I threw him out as a joke. But then, he grew dark. I drew the line several months ago when he mocked a disabled reporter on live television—I couldn’t see how it could get much worse. And it has both fascinated and frightened me to see where other people have drawn their moral lines—and it’s horrified me to see that many still haven’t.

Please vote. If nothing else, it’s what we need to do, to preserve the America we have built. And while you’re at it, consider how close we are to letting a villain run this country—a man who brags about grabbing women by their genitals without consent (remember, that is sexual assault), fuels racism and homophobia through ignorance and hatred, and incites violence to his supporters. He’s been the antagonist for a while now, and it’s time for us to, once and for all, show the world that love trumps hate. #ImWithHer.

Savannah Nelson
Savannah Nelson

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