The Denver Post Endorses Hilary Clinton

Photo: Ashley Bauler


At the beginning of the presidential race, several hopeful candidates wanted to see his or her name on the 2016 presidential ballot.

Major media outlets covered politicians announcing their campaigns and then subsequently ending them. People watched Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton fight to be the face of the two major United States political parties.

Recognizing the media potential of both of these candidates and what is at stake in this election, many major news publications have publicly endorsed a presidential candidate, even if it was for the first time. The Denver Post was one of them. 

On Oct. 7, the Post released an article written by their Editorial Board: “It’s an easy call: Hillary Clinton for President.” The article did not discredit Clinton’s misdoings but argued that her resume and experience is far more advanced and nearly perfect for president compared to that of Donald Trump’s. The Post spoke on the temperament of both candidates, saying, “President Hillary Clinton and her worst day would be so superior to a President Donald Trump on any day that we marvel this race was ever competitive.”

Along with their public endorsement, many Post readers had mixed reactions, which the Post reported on in a separate article titled, “Responses to The Denver Post’s Endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President.” Some readers felt that the Post should not endorse a candidate but that they should focus on reporting on the presidential race—one reader said that “newspapers are supposed to be viewed as an unbiased source for the population, and by publicly endorsing Clinton, it ruins credibility.”

Others applauded the Post, saying that they were “proud to join in supporting one of the finest candidates for president in our history.” For many, taking a stance fulfills a public good as a public service. 

Along with The Denver Post, nearly 200 major publications have chosen to publicly endorse Hillary Clinton—Vogue, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times to name just a few.

Less than 10 news publications have endorsed Donald Trump, while some have chosen to speak out and endorse “anyone but Trump.”

These organizations are speaking out and endorsing candidates (or not endorsing them) in order to provide a clear picture for whom they believe is the most fit presidential candidate.

It cannot be ignored that this presidential race is for one of the most important jobs in the world. These endorsements come from and are supported by extremely credible journalists with publications like The New York Times or The Denver Post on their resumes. These endorsements do not lack facts and are not weak nor careless or uncritical. This election has hasted many questions including the question of who is the most fit to be the president. But one thing is certain: history will be made on Nov. 8.

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