The CU Denver Sentry Endorsement

The Sentry is a member of the Collegiate Associated Press, and our integrity, ethics, and very existence depend on both Freedom of Speech and freedom from censorship. Given this commitment, we believe we must disavow the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump: a candidate who, in the course of multiple public statements, has threatened to dissolve the rights of the free press and loosen the constitutional protections afforded by the First Amendment.

As an editorial staff charged with representing the many voices of CU Denver’s diverse student body, we believe that in rejecting Mr. Trump as a viable candidate, we protect the rights of our university’s  minority groups, including its Muslim, Latinx, immigrant, black, LGBTQA+, refugee, and female demographics. We further believe that this decision supports the narrow class of people who may not be directly harmed by a Trump presidency but who nonetheless advocate for a diverse and free America.

Beyond the divisive threat that Trump poses to this nation, it is clear that Secretary Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate and carries the appropriate experience and temperament necessary for the US to continue to thrive and grow. We believe her 20 years of public service and political activism lends her all the capabilities of a great leader: she has proven herself to be compassionate to the people she represents and tough on the people who would see the integrity of America harmed.

To this end, the  purposefully endorses Secretary Hillary Clinton as the candidate for the President of the United States.

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