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Margit’s Stylish Takeover

CU Denver student Britt Margit has accelerated her career in the last few years. Fresh off the first major showcase at Goordin Bros in quite a while, the Sentry had the opportunity to catch up with multi-talented CU Denver singer and songwriter about her trajectory, album, and playing three hour gigs.

S: Can you tell me a little bit about the show you are doing here and in Aspen also?

B: Yeah, I’m originally from Aspen, I moved from California when I was eight. My mom had met the lady who owned this really cool venue called Justice Snow’s while she was out at a nail salon. So it worked out that I was able to go home and play this show. It was three hours, which was interesting, I’ve never played that long. My wrist and my fingers and my shoulder and elbows were just done.

Goorin wasn’t planning on doing any more events, but they said “send your stuff anyway and we will see what we can do.” And I got this e-mail back that said, “anytime you want to play, definitely!” and I was like all right!

S: Where did you record your album?

B: Up at a studio in Boulder called UI Sound just past Pearl Street. The downstairs is run by a guy named Evan Reeves. I recorded there with him over the course of about a year and a half, and my label head came down from Aspen to be a part of the production team as well.

S: What’s it been like to start playing out?

B: I didn’t really even play gigs until I was already in the studio working on the album. I’ve always felt like I needed cover tunes, and felt like I was never good enough at guitar to really pull things together and I’ve been doing a lot more practicing lately, which is good. It used to be before like, “I hope you guys don’t hate me.” It’s starting to turn into a set where I’m actually proud to have people come.

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