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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Student Talent Agency Bridges Professional Gap

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS FACE THE GIG ECONOMY Students in the College of Arts and Media (CAM) have faced the prospect of graduating without traditional full-time employment since they first considered majoring in the arts. However, CU Denver’s new Student Talent Agency’s ambition is to encourage arts

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Rio Paralympics Astonish With New Records

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, concluded on Sept. 18. The 15th Summer Paralympic Games saw over 4,000 athletes from 159 different countries competing in what commentators titled as the most well-attended Paralympics. The event, which coincieswith

Nadeen Ibrahim

PUBLIC HEALTH STUDENT TAKES ON SOCIAL JUSTICE Public Health Pre-Medicine major Nadeen Ibrahim is an all around working-class person, known by peers and strangers alike for her persistance in promoting equality. And she hasn’t even graduated yet. One look at her calendar might cause a

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Learn With Purpose: Yes or No?

TOO MUCH INDIVIDUALISTIC LEARNING CU Denver has gone into a recruiting frenzy in efforts of attracting the brightest students from around the nation. To get the word out about our university, CU Denver has stamped the school motto, “Learn With Purpose,” on every potential surface

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City Scapes: Morgan Mackey

After last week’s debate, I heard a new term floating around social media: manterrupting. This word by definition means “an unnecessary interruption of a woman usually by a man.” This word was coined a few years ago, but became a topic of discussion after Trump

Service Dogs and Handlers Need Respect

YOU WOULDN’T PET A WHEELCHAIR Dogs are great. There are reasons they’ve been dubbed man’s best friend: they’re cute, ridiculous, steadfast, and dependable. They love unconditionally, and people love them too. There has even been a game created on social media— Dogspotting—to let people know

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FROM THE EDITOR: Savannah Nelson

I’M NOT SICK According to Time Magazine, ‘baby fever’ is a real physical and emotional phenomenon; both men and women can fall subject to the symptoms of feeling a sudden, inexplicable urge to produce a baby—usually after spending time with newborns. Luckily for me, however,