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City Scapes: Morgan Mackey

Last week Savannah and I had the pleasure to travel to Washington, D.C. for the 2016 Associated Collegiate Press Media Convention.

At this conference we were able to take workshops, hear from amazing guest speakers, and collaborate with other students working for their college newspapers.

On the first day of the conference we attended a seminar on resume-building and interviewing. There we met with other students in the same boat as us: wanting to find a job after graduation.

Following the workshop, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Donna Brazille spoke about her time working for the democratic party. Brazille was witty, sharp, and overall one of the best public speakers I’ve ever seen.

Friday allowed for some sightseeing in the morning. I toured through several national monuments and the Smithsonian Museum of American History. The highlight of the trip came that afternoon when we were lucky enough to hear Bob Woodward speak and then meet him afterwards.

Bob Woodward is one of two journalists that reported on the Watergate scandal with President Nixon in the 1970s. He is one of the best investigative journalists of all time. His words were insightful since he remembers what it felt like to be a young reporter and he shared with us some of the mistakes he made. He was gracious with answering student questions and shared the knowledge that he has obtained after working for over 40 years as a journalist.

Also while we were in D.C., we were able to tour CBS and meet with other types of journalists to hear about their jobs working in television and reporting. Following the tour, the keynote speaker for the day was Edward Snowden who gave his talk over Skype. He shared his journey of becoming a whistleblower and what it was like to work for the NSA. He answered all the questions he could, but due to him being technically a criminal at large, he couldn’t go into specifics.

As the conference came to a close, I was sad to leave but excited to come back to the Sentry, to share and implement all that we learned.

Morgan Mackey
Morgan Mackey

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