Beauty In Imperfection at Sacred Thistle


On 11th and Acoma, a little gun-metal grey building nestled in between two antique-style brick buildings is the charming Sacred Thistle flower shop. There is a small wealth of beautifully curated specialty shops in Denver, and Sacred Thistle is one of them.

The small flower shop was created by mother and daughter, Sydney and Cornelia Peterson, who are both Denver natives. Inspired by Colorado’s inherent beauty, the shop curates their goods from that source. They create for floral events, editorial shoots, and weddings, as well as gift adornments.

Inspired by the Japanese artistic aesthetic, Wabi-Sabi–meaning the acceptance of transience and imperfection–the flower arrangements produced by Sacred Thistle are more like art pieces than mere bouquets. They will even make arrangements from dead flowers if they are asked to, although they do not mark the prices of their arrangements down if there is an imperfection, in an effort to embrace every flower as it is.

“We seek to escape the mindset floral culture has ingrained in us–flowers are living, flawed, and incredible. And, yes, they will die. And they will still be beautiful,” the shop’s website states, which embodies its aesthetic and beauty.

The walls of the shop are painted a dark grey-blue, enhancing the emphasis on their beautiful florals and other merchandise. The contrast between the arranged flowers against the shop’s interior is reminiscent of Romantic-era still lifes, creating a truly enchanting and artful milieu.

The shop doesn’t only offer beautiful, fleeting flowers: they offer permanent items to garnish one’s own home decor. Purveying handmade crafts like jewelry and blankets to more utilitarian objects like ringtail sheers and bonsai brooms, Sacred Thistle also curates an indiviualized aesthetic.

Sacred Thistle also doubles as a communal gathering space. They host many events of their own as well as workshops for customers to attend and learn. This October, they have hosted a workshop on House Blessings and even creating your own edible arrangements.

Although Denver is known for its hip and trendy shops, Sacred Thistle manages to stand out from the crowd. Their arrangements are captivating and enticing, and offer much more than that of a generic flower shop. The prices for such beautiful flowers are also quite reasonable for the quality and care that they are offering.

The entire aesthetic, ideals, and energy that Sacred Thistle emits is enough to cause a customer to pledge their eternal loyalty to the shop. Sacred Thistle and shops like it offer an immense amount of beauty and culture to Denver. Colorado is slowly becoming a hub for these one of a kind shops–the more and more that pop up the better–and Sacred Thistle is certainly here to stay.

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