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Daily Archives: October 19, 2016

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NOISE F.M: William Card

Just as I mentioned last week, my life teeters on the fine line between perfection and absolute dumpster fire. I can safely say that these last couple days have felt like a verified, coarse, Bob Dylan sounding, smoldering dumpster fire. Though, is it justified to

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Music That Can Ignite the Conversation About Hair

 ARTISTS CHALLENGE PREJUDICE As people of color continue to face disparities and prejudices within our society, artists like Solange Knowles are standing up in efforts of fighting cultural discrimination. If there’s one source of influence over people, it’s through the power of music, and Solange

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After 10 Years, Duo Still Steals The Show

PHANTOGRAM AT THE FILLMORE It has been nearly five years since the hit track “When I’m Small” hit the indie music charts, but it seems like New York synth-pop duo, Phantogram has been thriving since their mainstream debut. Phantogram had a nearly packed venue to

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I’ve actively been looking for an opportunity to wax poetic about my love for Hamilton: An American Musical, and three weeks out from one of the most combative elections in our nation’s history, I feel my time has come. Those who know me are well

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Beauty In Imperfection at Sacred Thistle

FLOWER SHOP WITH AN EDGY TWIST On 11th and Acoma, a little gun-metal grey building nestled in between two antique-style brick buildings is the charming Sacred Thistle flower shop. There is a small wealth of beautifully curated specialty shops in Denver, and Sacred Thistle is

Denver Biscuit Co. Boasts Southern Grit(s)

UNPARALELED FOOD COMBINATIONS  It is no secret that Denver is home to some of the nation’s best restaurants, and the Denver Biscuit Company is definitely no stranger to being ranked among “the best.” This place is where the southern hipster foodie is at home. With

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Queerly Beloved: Gem Sheps

I’m really tired. The only way this could be considered LGBTQ+ news is because I’m a lesbian, but that isn’t the point of this column. I am so tired. I feel like I haven’t slept in over a year. One of my many chronic illnesses

“This Movement Doesn’t End on Election Day”

SANDERS, WARREN RALLY TAKES TURNHALLE A line of hundreds of animated, exuberant, and roused Coloradans meandered around the Tivoli and deep into 9th Street Park for an opportunity to rally with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for the Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine campaign on


We’re All Gonna Die (Republic Records) DJ Mustard’s latest album, Cold Summer, is his second album following 10 Summers. Like most popular DJs in the music industry today, his album is dressed with some of hip-hop’s biggest stars like Ty Dolla $ign, YG, Nicki Minaj,

CD REVIEW: Green Day

Revolution Radio (Reprise Records) The best artists are the ones that change with every iteration. John Coltrane went from bebop enthusiast to an avant-garde spiritual squealer, Bob Dylan started by imitating Woody Gutherie and turned into a pill-fueled mercury poet. David Bowie initially wrote children’s