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GUEST CONTRIBUTOR: Our Political Nightmare Is Nearing Its End


Donald Trump’s no good, very bad video begins with misogynistic banter with Billy Bush, a cousin of George W. Bush and then co-host of “Access Hollywood.” The video ends with the Republican presidential nominee bragging about sexually assaulting women. “When you’re a star, they let you do it,” Trump told Bush, who suggested that he kiss an approaching actress.

There is no other way to look at it: Trump’s apparent confession to kissing, groping, and even grabbing genitals—and suggesting that it was okay because he is a “star”—is not “locker room talk,” as the former reality show host lamely put it. It is a sickening rape culture that is degrading to women and offensive to all. Trump’s video is yet another reason to vote for Hillary Clinton.

During the second presidential debate, Trump lashed out in desperation, calling former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the “devil” and attacking her for standing by her husband. Trump had no answers to important questions about Syria and energy policy. He did, finally, admit that he did not pay federal income taxes for many years because of a tax provision favorable to billionaires.

With our nation facing challenges at home and abroad, we need a leader with a “presidential look” whom all Americans can respect. We need a leader committed to fighting climate change, student debt, and over-incarceration, and who will fight for immigration reform, raising the minimum wage, and universal health care. Secretary Clinton is that leader. Trump is a farce and a fraud.

At long last, the tide has turned sharply against Trump, who The Denver Post rightly described on Oct. 9 as “an unconscionable threat to core American values and national security.” In their firm endorsement of Secretary Clinton, The Denver Post aptly called Trump “a lewd, bigoted, untested blowhard whose reckless actions…put him in a class never before seen on such a stage.” Republican legislators—and many others—are dumping Trump in droves.

Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner un-endorsed Trump; Rep. Mike Coffman went further, acknowledging the reality that Trump’s “defeat at this point seems almost certain.” Even House Speaker Paul Ryan jumped ship, telling Republican members of Congress they have to make their own decision on Trump.

It seems somehow fitting that Trump would be undone by a hot microphone and a relative of the president who deceived our nation into war in Iraq and left President Barack Obama with the job of getting the US out of the worst economic crash since the Great Depression. It is appalling that it took so long for the Republican leadership to tell Trump that he is a national nightmare.

Fortunately for us all, the long national nightmare is almost over. Ballots will be mailed out to CU students and other Colorado voters starting next week. It is critical we do not squander our right to send a message that democracy matters, equality matters, and human decency matters.

Let’s tell Trump to go back to the “locker room” where he belongs. Vote for Hillary Clinton

Alan Kennedy-Shaffer is a public affairs Ph.D. student at CU Denver. Got an opinion, send it over to


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