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Daily Archives: October 12, 2016


The Altar (IAMSOUND) Jillian Rose Banks, under the  pseudonym, Banks, released her sophomore album, The Altar  on Sept. 30. The Altar is edgier and more hardcore than her first album, diving deeper both lyrically and instrumentally. Banks, who originates from Orange County, notes musical influences from


22, A Million (Jagjaguwar) Justin Vernon’s soulful voice and mountainous aesthetic first struck America back in 2007 with  the release of For Emma, Forever Ago with the heartbreaking song “Skinny Love.” Bon Iver later appeared on Kanye West’s album My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy  in the


Head Carrier ([PIAS] & Pixiesmusic) For many Pixies fans, it is hard to embrace the group’s newest work without Kim Deal (replaced by Paz Lenchantin). Not to fret, their newest album Head Carrier, released on Sept. 30, offers a lot more than their comeback album Indie

CD Review: Drive-By Truckers

American Band (ATO Records) American Band, the Drive-By Truckers 20th anniversary album, is filled with catchy riffs, nostalgic foot-tapping American sounds, and a large weight of political commentary. From songs about the National Rifle Association to police brutality, the Drive-By Truckers want every listener to know

Music That Trancendes Conventions

INDEPENDENT ARTISTS TAKE IT ONE STEP AT A TIME Let’s take a step back from the conventional pop-radio top-40s standard for music. We hear people talk about music this and music that, and what does our mind flash to? Is it the latest single from

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NOISE F.M: William Card

I teeter on the fine line between perfection and absolute dumpster fire on a daily basis. Some days I perk up to Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” cloying melody boisterly blaring from my iPhone’s miniscule speakers. On other days, that dreaded opening synth line

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Jackson Conducts Classic Country Throwdown

All devoted country fans know who Alan Jackson is, and some young bucks may ask why that is. Alan Jackson debuted back in 1987 and is still continues to tour and draw large crowds at age 57. On Oct. 1, Jackson marshaled a diversified crowd

Students Balance Supportive and Saturated City

ETHAN GRIGGS AND ANNA SMITH UNFOLD The Denver music scene personifies  an enigma of popping young talent and a hidden treasure trove. The Underground Music Showcase in July was a singular opportunity to unearth and bring many of these young musicians to the forefront with

Roadmap to Denver’s Perfect Fall Weekend

LOCAL TRICKS AND TREATS With so much to do and so much to see, what’s wrong with taking the back streets? Nothing. Nothing is wrong with taking the back streets during the autumn season. Doing so allows for a proper exploration of Denver and all

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Queerly Beloved: Gem Sheps

Because I’m a notoriously bad Colorado native, this past weekend marked my first visit to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. The historic white building, beautiful of its own right, was framed on all sides by the fiery colors of fall leaves. I took up