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CD REVIEW: Skylar Grey

Natural Causes (Interscope Records)

Skylar Grey is coming home with a new album, Natural Causes . The album was released on Sept. 23 and showcases Grey’s talent evolution from young start-up to award winning singer-songwriter.

Grey’s musical aptitude is commonly heard in the works of other musical greats—she’s been a guest vocalist for artists like Fort Minor and Nicki Minaj—but her solo talent cannot be dismissed. Natural Causes hints at her professional collaborations, including Eminem as a guest vocalist in “Kill For You,” who she has co-written with in the past.

The tracks on the album range greatly within the pop genre, from indie pop in “Come Up For Air,” to electro pop in “Straight Shooter,” and “Off Road.” Grey’s versatility and experience in various genres is evident through her work. The gritty, dirt-soaked, electro doldrums rings clearly throughout the entire record with only one exception.

The album briefly strays into indie folk with “Moving Mountains,” which is beautifully reminiscent of Mumford & Sons but doesn’t remotely match the style of the rest of the album. The dissonance pop to folk jump makes transitioning into the rest of the album uncomfortable. A song as yearning and gentle as “Moving Mountains” can’t ease listeners into the electro pop track “Picture Perfect,” which makes both tracks feel out of place and awkward.

Otherwise, Grey’s growth is on a steady upward trajectory. It’s clear her experience with other lyricists has helped her to develop the depth of her songwriting, and fans won’t be disappointed with her evolving work.

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