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Daily Archives: October 5, 2016

Mass Incarcaration Under Scrutiny of Art, Activism

THE ETHICS OF IMPRISONING MINORS Five-hundred thousand juveniles are forced into the Juvenile Corrections System each year. Half a million children under the age of 18 face judgement every day for crimes violent and non-violent alike. Sept. 2 launched the Juvenile Corrections exhibit at the

Dachshunds, Polka Alongside Beer At Oktoberfest

LONG DOG DERBY ACCOMPANIES WEINERSHINITZELS The aromas of fresh weinershinitzel, greasy two-pound turkey legs, and the unlimited beer have brought people together with the one thing that matters the most: celebrating good times alongside great company. The Denver Oktoberfest is back for its 47th year,

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NOISE F.M: William Card

It was an picturesque evening. However, like most things in life, the moments leading up to the good part were not necessarily stellar. Especially when you’re attending a concert at Fiddler’s Green. In early June, I received an email from Spotify with the subject line,

Still Corners Takes Deep Dive at Lost Lake

DREAMY SYNTH POP MEETS TWIN PEAKS The London-based synthpop group Still Corners has embarked on their “Dead Blue” tour to promote their newest album Dead Blue which was released on Sept. 16. With a stop at Denver’s Lost Lake Lounge on Oct. 1, the group

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Rocky Mountain Loopfest Cycles Aural

PLETHORA OF SOUNDS MOB KING CENTER When diving into the world of abstract music, the results can be somewhat puzzling. Some experiences can be overwhelming in peculiarity while others can be exciting and influential for an explorative, wide-eyed concert-goer. The Rocky Mountain Loopfest brought a

CD REVIEW: Gavin DeGraw

Something Worth Saving (RCA Records) Gavin DeGraw is back after three years to finally deliver his newest album, released on Sept. 9, Something Worth Saving. With years of honing in on his singer/songwriter credentials, the truest fans will find that he’s remained your go-to artist for

CD REVIEW: Skylar Grey

Natural Causes (Interscope Records) Skylar Grey is coming home with a new album, Natural Causes . The album was released on Sept. 23 and showcases Grey’s talent evolution from young start-up to award winning singer-songwriter. Grey’s musical aptitude is commonly heard in the works of other

CD Review: Local Natives

Sunlit Youth (Loma Vista Recording) With Sept. 9’s Sunlit Youth, Local Natives is at once remembering the past and looking towards the future. The band’s third album adds synthy layers to its indie repertoire. Local Natives’ distinctive vocals remain largely untouched by the the computerized infusion,

CD REVIEW: Regina Spektor

Remember Us To Life (Sire Records) Regina Spektor is a storyteller and contemporary lyrical genius. This talent is once again showcased in her most recent album, Remember Us To Life. The album packs each of its 46 minutes with insightful lyrics and memorable melodies. Spektor

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Queerly Beloved: Gem Sheps

The month of October is upon us, which means we can now look forward to pumpkins, scary movies, and LGBTQ+ pride. October is national LGBTQ+ History Month in America, created to bring awareness to LGBTQ+ people and our achievements. To kickoff the month’s celebrations, I’m