Transfer Student Stories: How They Got To CU

Photo Courtesy of CU Denver


CU Denver has been rumored to be a “stepping stone” school: a place for high school graduates to go while they figure out their next choices in life, to kill time while they get their act together and move on to bigger and more prestigious schools.

For many, though, the exact opposite is true. Many CU Denver students haven’t attended the university for the full four years of a bachelor’s degree: they started out at a different four-year institution but decided to transfer here.

Some Colorado natives may ask why students would prefer a school that isn’t as well known as Boulder or any other state school.

The truth of the matter is that CU Denver isn’t less prestigious than Boulder, and offers many more tailored opportunities to students, leaving it a viable, more affordable option—especially for  transfer students—when choosing a school.

Alec Taylor, a current CU Denver student, told the Sentry why the city of Denver stood out in his mind while choosing a university. “I transferred from the University of Arizona and I wanted to live in a bigger city than Boulder,” Taylor said. “In Denver there are so many things that I can do. It’s cool to be located so close to a big city, and I love being on the Business School campus.”

For many, cost is also prominent factor in choosing their university. Megan O’Donnell, a Denver native, gave her reasoning behind transferring to CU Denver. “I had originally gone to a large, traditional four-year university out of state, and I already lived the dorm life on campus,” O’Donnell said. “It just wasn’t for me anymore. I felt that CU Denver’s campus fit my lifestyle better and allowed for me to focus solely on school. I chose it because it’s less expensive than other universities in Colorado, but the education is better because class sizes are small.”

CU Denver does have a high number of foreign transfers, especially in the Business School. Zheng Chen, a recent transfer from a university in China, chose CU Denver because it was a family tradition. “I chose CU Denver because both my brother and my sister went to school here and graduated,” Chen said. “It’s cool to go to school where they had gone, and it’s somewhat of a family tradition now to go to CU Denver. I really love it here, and it’s so different than where I’m from.”

There are innumerous reasons why students who transferred decided to choose CU Denver. The running theme for these students is the fact that it was the right choice for them and their education. All of the students enjoy CU’s campus and the programs they have chosen to study. CU Denver isn’t a “stepping stone” school in the slightest; it’s a place for students of every background to study and fulfill their wants and needs at a beautiful, diverse university.

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