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Daily Archives: September 27, 2016

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Lynxapalooza 2016 Brings PHOX, Avenhart

LIVE MUSIC BROUGHT CU DENVER TOGETHER      Lynxapalooza took place in the newly renovated Tivoli Quad and was free for all CU Denver students and open to the public for a small entrance fee.  CU Denver band Avenhart opened for national headliners PHOX. CU

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Gem Sheps: Queerly Beloved

As a chronically ill student I spend a lot of time in bed, and even more time watching TV. What else can you do that requires no physical energy and has nothing to do with homework? One of my favorite shows is Star Trek; I

Transfer Student Stories: How They Got To CU

CU IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR MANY CU Denver has been rumored to be a “stepping stone” school: a place for high school graduates to go while they figure out their next choices in life, to kill time while they get their act together and