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_DSC6628Hillary Clinton sat down with Humans of New York mastermind Brandon Stanton last week to discuss being a woman in politics specifically. During her interview she talked about being a woman in a position of leadership. Despite your political views, we can all find value in what she said.
Clinton addressed what it feels like to have to condition yourself to control your emotions, which is something that most women who are pursuing a leadership position have to do. If women don’t show emotion we’re seen as bitchy and if we do show emotion we’re unstable. When, in reality, we go through the same emotional process as men, yet women are treated vastly different for it.

Two boss-ladies in a position of leadership

Two of my role models are Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. When they were both on SNL doing Weekend Update, they did a bit on “women’s news” which discussed Hillary Clinton seeking the presidential nomination in 2008. What they mentioned about how the public perceives Clinton in 2008 is still relevant to how she is perceived now.
Fey addressed the fact that Clinton is called a bitch, which is the same as being unemotional because of years of being conditioned to having to control your emotions. Fey iconically said, “What bothers me the most is people say Hillary is a bitch. And yeah, she is, and so am I and so is she (Amy Poehler) because bitches get stuff done.” Women are unemotional or “bitchy” because, like Clinton, Fey, and Poehler, as a woman and more importantly — as a person, have to be in order to gain recognition.
Clinton’s words have stuck with me since I read the post. I started thinking about being a woman in a leadership position running this newspaper with my co-worker Savannah. We are two boss-ladies in a position of leadership, and are working toward making the Sentry the best it’s ever been.
We want respect in the workplace and to be taken seriously by our staff and the university, yet often I wonder if I am being too nice or too firm. This leads me to ask: have I already conditioned myself to be unemotional?
I want to continue to build leadership skills without having to worry about being too emotional or not
emotional enough.
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