Fat Jack’s Supersubs Replaces Einstein’s On 9th St.

Photo: Bobby Jones


Photo: Bobby Jones
Photo: Bobby Jones

The newly opened Fat Jack’s Supersubs on campus has something for everyone.

After taking over the location of the recently closed Einstein’s Bagels at 906 Curtis, Fat Jack’s immediately feels like an improvement. The new shop brings with it a wide variety of menu choices that any student can enjoy.

The variety at Fat Jack’s is what really makes the visit worthwhile. Fat Jack’s not only carries the signature subs its name bears, but also has the highly-coveted kombucha tea, a menagerie of ice cream flavors provided by Little Man Ice Cream, and bagels made by Rosenberg’s Bagels and Novo Coffee.

Customer service at Fat Jack’s is top-notch. Each customer is greeted with a smile and the employees are in good spirits, even offering a helpful hand when deciding on what to order from the restaurant’s large menu. The staff is more than willing to talk about any menu item and are especially happy to sell customers on their refreshing kombucha—all of which is in stark contrast to the frazzled service that was offered at Einstein’s.

The only noticable downside to Fat Jack’s is that the line to order can be lengthy. Each sub must be completed before the next customer is able to order, so accounting for the short 15-minute breaks between classes, maybe this isn’t somewhere for on-the-go students to run to.

Even so, there are still plenty of qualities about the sub shop that compensate for the lack of speed, including their campus bike delivery service.

Fat Jack’s sub menu provides plenty of choices to order from. From the Big Bird turkey sub ($6) to the Johnny Roast Beef  ($6) to completely vegetarian subs, the menu has options for any type of sub-lover. The prices are fair compared to most other sub shops, with most of their “Classic Subs” running in the $6 range; their premium subs are closer to $8.

The establishment also offers a full espresso bar along with its multiple food and coffee choices. Clearly, Fat Jack’s knows its clientele, as there are many students on campus looking for a quick jolt of energy. Because coffee is served separately from the sandwich line, unlike Einstein’s, this might be an efficient place to get caffeinated quickly.

Fat Jack’s new Auraria Campus location is the sixth in the franchise with other shops located in Capitol Hill, Broadway, Lowry, Stapleton, and LoHi. A locally owned business by Kyle and Brooke Fabra, the 906 Curtis location is another extension into the Fat Jack’s franchise.

The new addition to campus appears to be doing well and is a great new grub spot for the Fall 2016 semester. While the wait might be long for Fat Jack’s at Auraria Campus, it is worth the trouble to stop by after class.

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