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Daily Archives: September 14, 2016

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Attendance: Yes or No?

SERIOUSLY GO TO CLASS Over a month into the semester, Auraria’s once full-to-bursting classrooms have been noticeably thinned out. Campus veterans know better than to assume half of their peers have simply dropped courses and left academia behind them—in the near future, many of these

Women of Abstract Art Profiled in Denver Galleries

A SURVEY FROM 1940S TO MODERN DAY The first known art history textbook didn’t  include a single woman artist, though many existed. Since then, women in the arts have come a long way. It is poignant and heartening that major Denver museums and galleries are now dedicating

Yang Wang

Dr. Yang Wang, a professor in the College of Arts and Media, is helping bring diversity to the art history program on campus. One of CU Denver’s newest professors, Wang has a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in

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Gem Sheps: Queerly Beloved

Thursday nights at Tracks night club are 18+ nights and the only time I’ll be able to go to the club until I turn 21 next year. Places like Tracks can be an oasis for people in the LGBTQ+ community—it can be difficult to meet

Changes to FAFSA Affect CU Denver Students

FEDERAL POLICIES MANDATE DECLARATION OF MAJOR Some students start college with a four-year plan, while others are figuring out where they belong. In the meantime, they continue to apply for financial aid and hope that each semester, there’s a bigger package. To receive financial aid,

Sonia Sotomayor Returns to Auraria Campus

SUPREME COURT JUSTICE INSPIRES STUDENTS “They hate it when I do this,” Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said before being guided by her visibly-anxious security team into the crowd of students and faculty from Metro State and CU Denver. This refusal to stay seated on

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FROM THE EDITOR: Savannah Nelson

STEADY BLOOM College is the place where students figure out their passions, decide their future careers, and take the steps for long-term success. We learn academic terms like “intersectionality” or “media conglomeration” and slowly start to integrate our lectures into our everyday discussions—what we learn

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Morgan Mackey: City Scapes

Hillary Clinton sat down with Humans of New York mastermind Brandon Stanton last week to discuss being a woman in politics specifically. During her interview she talked about being a woman in a position of leadership. Despite your political views, we can all find value

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No Trump: Why Hillary Must Win

THIS ELECTION IS ONE FOR THE BOOKS Donald Trump’s presidential campaign style has often mirrored his approach to hosting the reality show “The Apprentice:” blunt, caustic, and unable to refrain from degrading insults. Trump’s attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, parents of an Army captain