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FROM THE EDITOR: Savannah Nelson


_DSC4380In a world that holds so much beauty and love and happiness, it’s often a surprise that for some, it can be impossible to see anything but darkness. Because so many people are burdened with anxiety and depression, Suicide Awareness Week aims to provide a spark of hope—among resources and support— to those in need of a little light.

As a middle-schooler, I went to an advisory class each day with the same group of peers all three years. It was a homeroom of sorts, meant to be our social focus for the day. Through this class, I got to know Sara, a girl who always smiled and could talk to anyone.

Sara loved things like dirt biking and art and a sweater she wore often, which was decorated with pink owls. One morning she complimented my sparkly purple eye-liner, and it made my entire day. Middle school could be awkward and uncomfortable, but Sara made these times more inviting.

High school began and our camaraderie continued: Sara was my freshman locker buddy. With her locker next to mine, we’d greet each other every morning with laughter and small talk, then go our separate ways until the last bell rang and we’d reconvene once more. It was like that every day: until March 22, 2010.

Sara never came back. I watched as Sara’s older sister collected her belongings from the abandoned locker, listened as the counselors offered grief support, and sobbed as I dealt with my first encounter with suicide. This wonderful human was loved, and many of my peers and I felt like we missed the mark at expressing it.

Like many others, Sara struggled with depression—a secret she held inside and masked with a cheerful disposition and a happy facade. Her sudden and unexpected passing brought attention to an issue plaguing people of all walks of life. Often, the people hurting the most are those we wouldn’t expect. Auraria Campus is aiming to bring awareness to suicide and measures of prevention, so that all individuals on this campus can find the help we both need and deserve.

If you or someone you know are struggling, there are resources available. There are people who want to help, to remind you of your worth and the value of your life. Please remember that, more than anything, you are loved. It will get better.

CU Denver Student and Community Counseling Center

Tivoli Suite #454


Mon- Thurs: 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

Fri: 8 a.m.- 5 p.m

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