Denver’s Doughnut Scene gets Stranger

Photo: Alex Tomme | CU Denver


Photo: Alex Tomme | CU Denver
Photo: Alex Tomme | CU Denver

When stopping in for a snack at Glazed and Confuzed Doughnuts, food is supposed to get weird.

Based on the stereotypical Coloradan phenomena of being under the influence, Glazed and Confuzed opened in 2014 to off er doughy treats that fit the craving needs of those looking for something both adventurous and close to home.

With the recent additions of shops such as Portland-based Voodoo Doughnuts and Habit Doughnut Dispensary, bizzare doughnuts have become one of the biggest fads in Colorado, and people are out to get scandalous.

Upon entering, visitors find themselves immersed in an atmosphere where 90s-era Nickelodeon-meets-your-dad’s garage. This eclectic and family friendly atmosphere boasts green slime décor that engulfs the ceiling and complements the child-like excitement for what people came for: doughnuts. The aroma of Oreo-topped carbs permeates the atmosphere and leads visitors to a glass case filled with things no mom would want her children to eat.

Unfortunately, the Green Tea Doughnut that has everyone crazed was missing—in fact, there was only a scarce selection of seven doughnuts, which leaves a lot to be desired for customers expecting one of the 30 flavors that are usually available.

Regardless of their otherwise limited selection, a popular choice remained; nothing reminds customers of home like a Samoas Girl Scout Cookie. One of the shop’s selections included the wildly popular Confuzed Samoas ($3). Girl Scouts of America better take note, because while the Samoas cookie is adequate for the average nostalgic taste bud, the yeastraised doughnut elevated this traditional taste to another level. This concoction was carefully drizzled in sweet caramel and chocolate sauce, both of which evenly complemented the amount of generously sprinkled coconut on top.

On the semi-healthier side of things, Da Killa Carrot Cake ($3) provided a non-murderous twist to the average carrot cake recipe. This doughnut had a creamy ginger center that added extra spice to the sweetness provided by the vanilla glaze on top. Topped off with caramelized toffee bits, this for sure would be the doughnut to bring home to mother.

Unfortunately, not all doughnuts are created equal, and this was the case for the Breakfast of Champz ($3), another doughnut that creates a sense of confusion rather than a craving for more. This doughnut is sure to attract bacon fanatics, but even the staleness of a day-old fried treat wouldn’t seem appealing even to biggest fried pork enthusiasts. This is disappointing because no matter the time of day, bacon is always appealing. As soon as you bite into this circular pastry, the bacon-infused glaze confirms that some things are better sweet than they are savory.

Although Glazed and Confuzed is armed with creative fare that can apparently only be found in the limited wee hours of the morning, true foodies would be wise to stick with Denver favorite Voodoo Doughnut off of Colfax: despite the mile long line, its complete range of dreamy doughnuts will always be waiting patiently.

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